Enterprise Guide to Virtual Worlds

Enterprise Guide coverEnterprise Guide to Virtual Worlds

Guide Lists Virtual World Solution Providers, Developers, Vendors, Suppliers and examples of branded virtual worlds and immersive environments for Businesses and Organizations.

The Association of Virtual Worlds will be publishing the updated Enterprise Guide to Virtual Worlds listing virtual world solutions, vendors, and service providers, for businesses and organizations.

If your organization currently uses or provides solutions to clients on virtual worlds, 3D immersive environments, online games, or social networks for education, training, consumer marketing, branding, or any other purpose we want to include you and your organization in this new updated Enterprise Guide and Directory of Vendors and Providers

This Guide to Virtual Worlds will show examples of how major brands and companies are currently using virtual worlds to promote or extend their brands and identifies solutions that can be used by enterprises internally to recruit, train, and meet using the newest generation of the Internet—web 3D.

In addition to listing  virtual world solutions, The  Guide will also list dozens of examples showing how some companies and organizations are already using virtual worlds to launch and extend their brands and for, meetings, recruiting, and training. Each listing includes a brief description and a link for more information. The guide also includes a glossary and a classification system by category.

If your businesses or organization is thinking about adding a virtual component to an existing website or adding a complete virtual world to its internal communications technology or its consumer product mix there are some decisions to make. From cost considerations, to purpose and target audience, to sophisticated technology analyses, figuring out which virtual environment is best for your business or organization can be daunting. This guide was put together to offer businesses some basic understanding of what’s available in virtual worlds and web 3D, what other companies are already doing, and how to be the first in your market or demographic to ‘go virtual.’

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